About me

Hi! It’s me, Fleur! You’ve found me here, in my happy place. Three years ago I had my first encounter with clay and oh my… I’m hooked. Hours & hours at the wheel and a lot of YouTubing later, here we are. Still learning everyday but foremost loving every minute of it!

What I like the most about ceramics? The inner peace you need to throw – some say wheel throwing is yoga for the mind –, the magic of making a beautiful piece out of just a handful of dirt and last but not least the sheer excitement of opening the kiln after almost 24 hours of firing and seeing the result is just priceless.

My designs are meant to be used in everyday life. For ever & ever.
All items are made with a lot of love, joy & care.
I believe you can feel it when you use them.

I design & hand make everything from my home studio in Antwerp, Belgium. Every piece is unique, and hand thrown on the wheel with a lot of joy & love. I work with stoneware clay & make tableware such as mugs, tumblers & bowls, but also home accessories like vases, soap dishes & some jewellery. I develop & mix my glazes myself – no premixed glazes here – what makes them unique and lively. The kiln in my basement fires my pieces up to 1.220 degrees centigrade. Twice! The first time for the bisque firing and the second time for the glaze firing. Ceramics is a slow process. Every piece takes 2 to 4 weeks to finish depending on the weather, the piece itself & my 3 kids.

Some trivia:

  • My favourite colour is pale pink.
  • Seika is Japanese flower art. Fleur is French for flower. Studio Seika it is.
  • My number one guilty pleasure is drinking coffee in my bed in the morning. Made by my son.
  • I love podcasts. My favourite one is Bob. It’s in Dutch… sorry.
  • My lucky number is 19.
  • The studio is in my basement and when I stand upright, my head touches the ceiling.

Want to know something else? Shoot! Don’t be shy. I’m neither.